Entertainments Department

The Entertainments Department are the people who really bring the Madame Tussauds experience to life. As a member of our live cast you could be performing in any number of arenas, from the Stardome to the Chambers of Horrors, or possibly aboard the Black Pearl with the Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe even in the Big Brother household!

Whether you're working in one of our permanent favourite areas or in this season's most up-to-the-minute attraction, you'll need to bring a professional performance edge to everything you do. So quite understandably, you'll need previous professional training or experience as an actor, singer or dancer.

So if you have the experience and talent to engage with customers and ensure that Madame Tussauds comes alive every single day, then you could have fun delighting – or indeed terrifying – thousands of people every day.

The Entertainments team have zero-hour, fixed-term contracts which mean you'll be working flexible hours. The length of your contract will depend on your experience, with even our most permanent experiences being recast every six months.