About Us

Every day's a fresh performance 

Madame Tussauds today is far more than a museum. It's living, breathing pure interactive theatre that's all about surrounding customers with the experience. Visitors from all over the world flock to get close to the famous and infamous alike, and we make sure we put on a sparkling, visually stunning show with cutting-edge delights and surprises at every turn.

That's why, first and foremost, we're looking for people who are have a natural appreciation of dramatic effect, and who are comfortable working with or around customers in an environment where creating the right atmosphere is everything. That's equally true whether you're a Host, Retail Assistant, Actor or Photographer, an Electrician, Accountant or a Marketeer. Everyone in the team plays an active part.

Make no mistake, it's a dynamic and fast-paced environment with its own share of pressures. But if our kind of pressure is your kind of fun, then you couldn't wish for a friendlier or livelier place to work.